I am an artist printmaker living and working in Minneapolis, USA. This is a selection of etching and watercolor projects that reflect my enthusiasm for the physical world. I’m drawn to both the physical and the imaginative aspects of places and how the experience of them can be simultaneously extraordinary and everyday. In these visual projects, I hope to give expression to this paradox as well as to the active nature of place—because places are lived in and things happen there…   

In the site, finished pieces are interspersed with works in progress and also some process work in the form of sketches. Etchings are usually placed first in each section. I made most images in the last six years but I've included a few older pieces—these are usually dated.   

(Live links to the images are in the menu at the top of this page.)    

Thanks for visiting! For more information: jboydbre@umn.edu  

City life

Images of places, moments, and remnants in the city

Animal life

Animals live here too


Images of human activities

Repeat patterns

Images of places and moments that can be applied to larger surfaces


Bridges are a way of being really close to the river without actually being in it 


Interior spaces usually teem with activities


A small selection of sequential images that express several events taking place in a scene

Rivers and water

Recurring visits to State Parks, mostly in the north of Minnesota, and to rivers in other places

Park vignettes

A series of twenty four vignettes of moments in the city park